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The Pranayama

These sessions are a monthly offering in which I hope to inspire attendees to integrate these techniques and practices into their own lives to better improve their own wellbeing and potentially take their yoga practice a little step deeper.


I find that community is an absolutely essential aspect of Yoga, especially in recent years.

It can be hard to find a real sense of community nowadays, so I invite you to join our community group, so you can keep in touch with everyone and keep involved in the discussion on the practice as well as having access to upcoming events exclusively for the group.


The Class Outline


These sessions are adaptable to each individuals needs and requirements as not all practices are a perfect fit for everyone.

Gentle Stretches

We'll start class by moving through a couple of accessible, gentle stretches to relieve tension and find space through the spine, upper back, shoulders and hips. 

Opening Mantra

This opening Mantra is to begin our Pranayama session. It invokes a feeling of openness and equanimity between the body, mind, and spirit. The vibrational effects of this mantra also opens up our minds and bodies to the more subtle energies we'll encounter throughout the practice.

Pranayama Practice

This is the main part of our practice. This is where we'll practice resonance breathing, a practice that slows down our breaths to anywhere between 3-7 breaths a minute. (The average person breaths 14-20 times a minute).

This creates a good, balanced baseline to work from and brings our nervous system into a state of balance also. 

We'll progress through Ujjayi, Nadi Shodhana, Kapalabhati, Brahmhari, and Kapola Shakti Vikasak Pranayam. 

These practices help to bring balance and a state harmony, clarity, and calmness. Leaving us feeling relaxed, and present.

Closing Mantras and final relaxation

After we're feeling relaxed and clear from our Pranayama practice. We'll do our group Japa meditation, closing chants and settle into our final relaxation.

I'd love for community to be an integral part of these sessions. There is a community group space below that you are invited to join so you can keep in touch with your fellow practitioners. This is a space where you can post about your experiences, how you're finding integrating the practice into your life, and even ask for tips and guidance from me if something isn't settling right or just feels a bit, off for you.

This space, in hoping, will also help to connect people from venue to venue in an online space. There's not enough time factored into classes after for people to talk, and I hope that this space can provide you with that.

Interested in these sessions in your studio? or even on a one to one basis?  Fill in the form below.

Thanks for your interest!

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