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Loyalty Rewards as Part of the Breathe Better Project

Every time you book into a service or purchase a block of classes, you'll get points, or "seeds", as I've called them.

This is to reward you for continuing to come to classes, and get a little something back for your continued trust in my teaching, and a continued dedication to yourself.

As long as you use the same email address to log in each time, you'll continue to accumulate points. If you can't find your plan or subscription you've recently purchased, make sure to double check what email address you purchased it with.

Image by Noah Buscher

What Rewards can I get?

When you click on the reward you want, make sure to apply it at the checkout. 

Once it is applied, you should see the discounted price before carrying on. 

Please double check that you can see it's applied so that you don't end up either paying for the service you're after, or not getting the appropriate discount. 

For example, if you're cashing in a months free access to Anandamaya Studio, it should remove the entire price, and say £0.00 due. It may also say "Get Plan" instead of purchase.

All of your points, and rewards can be found under "My account", which can be found in the drop down menu after logging in.

10% off all bookings

10 Seeds

This will be applied to the lowest cost booking or item in your basket.

50% off a month of Anandamaya Studio

40 Seeds

50% off a months access to Anandamaya Studio. This is my online studio where you can find a whole variety of offerings. Such as recorded pranayama classes, philosophy and yoga history teachings, and soon to be much more. You can also book into the morning pranayama classes with this plan once its purchased.

One Month access to Anandamaya Studio

A whole months access to the studio as talked about above.

80 Seeds

50% off a 1-1 online Pranayama or Meditation Session

60 Seeds

50% off an online 1-1 zoom session with me. Covering either a tailored pranayama or meditation practice to suit your individual needs or goals.

£1 off 

20 Seeds

You can also redeem your seeds for £1 off your order. This should be stackable depending on how many seeds you have.

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