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The Breathe Better Project

Part of my ethos as a yoga teacher, is, of course, mindful living. Together, lets expand that on a global scale, and show the planet a little appreciation. Each time you book in to a class, you'll earn seeds, which you can use to get a discount for future classes (or exciting offerings which will be coming soon!)

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    Sign up and come to classes

    • Sign up as a member to start enjoying discounts and giving something back to the planet.

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    Recieve precious seeds

    • Book a session

      Get 4 Seeds

    • Buy A Yoga Den Class Pass

      Get 80 Seeds

    • Attend The Pranayama Sessions

      Get 40 Seeds

    • Sign up to the site

      Get 6 Seeds

    • Purchase a Vinyasa Class Pass

      Get 80 Seeds

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    Redeem Rewards and make a positive impact

    • 10% off all bookings

      10 Seeds = 10% off for all services

    • Anandamaya Studio - 50% off

      40 Seeds = 50% off a specific plan

    • Month Access to Anandamaya Studio

      80 Seeds = 100% off a specific plan

    • 50% of 1-1 Pranayama or Meditation Coaching

      60 Seeds = 50% off a specific service

    • 10% off

      20 Seeds = £1 discount

    • 10% off 8 Class Pass - Yoga Den

      140 Seeds = 10% off a specific plan

    • 10% off 8 Class Pass - Musselburgh

      140 Seeds = 10% off a specific plan

We Only Have One Home

How the breathe better project works (so far..)

Through the loyalty program, when 50 seeds are redeemed, I'll either plant trees or fund a project through Ecologi, or plant mangroves through Only One. I'm currently on a Starter Plan with Only One, so each month, they'll plant 10 mangrove trees, 1 coral, and remove 2kg of plastic.

On the slides below, I'll show what projects we have funded so far, along with a link to the article about the project so you can read into it further if you so wish. Please note that the pictures on the slides are for reference and are not from the actual project. To see photos from each project please follow the link to the dedicated article on Ecologi.

Logs in Forest

Preventing deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This is the first project of its kind in the Congo Basin, and will protect 248,956 hectares of forest from industrial logging, unsustainable fuel wood extraction, and slash and burn agriculture... 

What else is coming to the breathe better project?

As the project expands, so will its offerings.

So far, we are just funding projects through the income as I've said above, however, there's some exciting things in the works that you can get your hands on soon.

The whole idea behind the breathe better project, is to help work towards a deeper sense of sustainability and equality not just between humans, but on every living thing that also shares this planet with us. So not just community outreach projects, but also helping to aid in reforestation and cutting down on CO2 emissions through the projects that we fund.

This will also include looking at ways that we all can make first hand changes to the way we live our lives. It doesn't take much to make a few simple changes so we can cut down on waste, and use less. It takes a little bit of awareness, and some conscious action when and where we can act upon it.

There's various insights through yogas philosophical texts that we can utilise to live a more mindful and sustainable life. Looking at how our actions impact the world around us, as well as our own internal landscape. In time, I'll be releasing courses where we can learn to implement more mindful ways of living, of which an amount of the proceedings will also go to organisations that are helping to fight climate change.

Image by Francesco Ungaro

I am also proud to be a member of Only One. This non-profit organisation plant mangrove trees, remove plastic and plant coral. 

As of the moment I am on a starter plan, meaning each month, they plant 10 mangroves, 1 coral, and remove 2kg of plastic.

Want to get involved and start your own membership with only-one? 

Follow my referral link and they'll plant 30 mangrove trees for each of us.

Want to make a difference while saving some pennies?

Did you know, that you can plant trees just by watching adverts?

Treeapp does it for you! When you download the app and set up an account, they'll send you a notification each day when it's time to plant a tree. Just watch the advert, receive a discount offer from the advertiser, and plant a tree. Simple!

The app is available in the UK and Ireland

Image by David Vig
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