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It is in my hopes, that this course will help you on your journey with Yoga in many ways. The main thing being, that it will help you understand the vast depths of yoga and all the offshoots, tangents, and tributaries that make up this practice today. You can expect to have a deeper understanding of the philosophical systems and traditional roots of Yoga. I want to be able to help you understand Yoga on a much deeper, and potentially, a more personal level. It's hard to cover such depth within an hour class which is usually focused on Asana, movement, or Pranayama and meditation. Classes are very much an experiential space, and I quite like that about them. I do, however, also love having something to help me understand the why's, how's and what's behind what i'm doing, and where it even came from. Here, I'll provide a space for community, so you can feel like you're part of something bigger than just the hour long classes, when the only time you can really talk to other people attending, is when you're putting your shoes on or taking them off. I'll provide a space for you to contemplate, read into philosophies and texts that can go hand in hand with your yoga practice. With the purchase of this program, you'll also get access to book into the Morning Pranayama sessions for free. You'll also get access to the recordings which will be found in the Anandamaya Studio page on the main navigation menu at the top of the website.

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Anandamaya Studio

Anandamaya Studio

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