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  • The perfect balance of effort and ease to find a state of space and ca...

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    1 hr

    10 British pounds
  • Develop presence by finding stillness

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    1 hr

    10 British pounds
  • Utilise Pranayama and the 8 limbs of yoga to guide us deeply into sile...

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    8 British pounds
  • A dynamic style of yoga where we link posture to posture building on b...

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    10 British pounds

Embodied Stillness

Sunday the 17th of February

6:00pm to 8:00pm 


2 hours of Movement, Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra.


Move from tension and stress into a place of calm serenity that lies deep beneath the surface. In this workshop we'll practice Vinyasa yoga, flowing from posture to posture to release stiffness through the body. Progressively moving into slower and longer held positions.


We'll settle into a restorative and supported space with the aid of calming breathing techniques, progressing into our yoga Nidra practice to invoke deep rest.


Practice with me online

Practice on demand, from the comfort of your own home.

Learn to breathe better with the Pranayama Learning Pathway to improve wellbeing, decrease stress, and improve resilience. 

£20 a month 

The Breathe Better Project

With each booking, together, we're working to..

  • Plant trees

  • Remove plastic from the ocean

  • Fund projects for communities

  • Plant coral 

  • Fund renewable energy projects

  • Restore wildlife habitats

572 Trees Planted 
10 Projects Funded
9 tCO2e avoided
1 tCO2e removed 
4m2 Habitat Restored
9 Coral planted  
18kg Plastic removed far

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